QNLM is Now Hiring!
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QNLM is Now Hiring!
Src:QNLM     10:05:59 08/05/2020

Global talents recruitment plan has been initiated and massive number of jobs are available. Now let’s see if there’s one for you!


1.  Possess a doctorate degree in a natural science-related major at a high-level university or research institute at home and abroad;

2.  In principle, applicants should not be over 35 years old; those with post-doctoral work experience in high-level universities or research institutes at home and abroad not over 40 years old; those with senior professional titles not over 45 years old;

3.  Strong scientific research potential.

Job Description:


Position: Deep Sea Multi-Disciplinary R & D

Quantity: 15

Focus on the cutting-edge science and technology of deep-sea multi-layer interaction and earth system science. Focus on deep-sea energy and material cycles and their climatic effects, deep-sea key geological processes and resource effects, deep-sea extreme environmental life processes and biological resource utilization, deep-sea technology and equipment research.


Position: Ocean Drilling Scientific R & D

Quantity: 15

Serve on ocean drilling mission planning, voyage implementation, core crusts storage, and operation support, etc. Promote the progress of China''''s deep-sea drilling and exploration technology and enhance the scientific research level of marine geology and the exploration capacity of underwater resources.


Position: Marine life Scientific R & D

Quantity: 15

Explain the major basic science issues of marine life. Break through the key technical bottlenecks in the utilization of marine biological resources. Carry out multi-disciplinary integration and innovation in the marine life field.


Position: Marine Advanced Materials R & D

Quantity: 15

Focus on ultra-high performance marine structural materials, advanced marine functional materials, marine biomimetic materials, and strategic new marine materials. Carry out forward-looking theoretical and key technical R & D work.


Position: Marine Renewable Energy R & D

Quantity: 15

Mainly engage in high-tech research in the field of clean energy engineering science. Take new energy and renewable energy in follow-up energy as the main research domain, considering the development of energy conservation and energy environment technology, and playing an important supporting role in energy strategy.


Position: Marine Supercomputing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence R & D


Based on major national strategic needs and the development trend of international marine science and technology, supercomputer upgrade projects are carried out, and technical research is carried out around the development and construction of high-performance computing platforms with independent intellectual property rights, operation and maintenance, supporting software system development, and application promotion.


Position: Marine high-end Instruments and Apparatuses R & D


Focus on the national marine strategic needs, the observation needs of major scientific issues in the marine field, and the development trend of marine observation technology. Carry out forward-looking and advanced research and development of high-end marine instruments and equipment and form a series of world-class new-type marine observation sensors and equipment to support Implementation of the “Transparent Ocean” project.


Position: Non-linear Science R & D


Expand the application of non-linear scientific research to the fields of non-linear life science, non-linear oceanography, non-linear computing science and non-linear marine engineering safety. The non-linear research methods are applied to the fields of turbulence and ocean interdisciplinary research, climate change, marine structural engineering safety monitoring, sea-air flux research and biomedicine.

What you get:

The comprehensive salary is ¥300,000 RMB per year approximately, referring to the corresponding position of world-class scientific research institutions to provide salary and welfare. The policy to particularly outstanding talents can be negotiated individually.

Other benefits:

1. Provide research start-up funds;

2. Purchase property-type talent apartment at a discount price;

3. Assist in handling children''''s enrollment;

4. Enjoy first-class medical resources in Qingdao.

How to apply:

International Applicants: Please send your resume and other related materials to (mail title: QNLM researcher application);

Domestic Applicants: Please fill in online Application Form by visiting

Welcome to join QNLM and build your career step by step here!