The Announcement of the Aoshan Forum-2017 STIL Workshop
Src:Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology     11:53:04 09/19/2017

Sedimentological and Tectonic Evolution of the NE Indian Ocean and its

adjacent uplands in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar

30th-31st October, 2017, QNLM, Qingdao, China

1. Aim and Scope of Workshop

The uplift of the Himalaya provided enormous volumes of sediments, shed into the Bengal Basin, Bay of Bengal, and the Indo-Burma accretionary wedge, and building the world’s largest deep sea fan. Information regarding the subduction, continental collisions both soft and hard, tectonic uplift and later intraplate deformation is recorded in these sedimentary archives. The workshop aims to provide opportunities for sharing new results and discussing the possibility for future cooperation to promote a holistic understanding of the data. We welcome all participants who are interested in the workshop theme.

2. Time and Location

The workshop will take place on 30th-31st October for research presentations, followed on 1st November by a day to discuss potential future research collaborations, and on 2nd and 3rd we invite you for sightseeing in Qingdao city.

The workshop will be held at the Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (QNLM), China.

The address and website of QNLM are as follows:

1 Wenhai Road, Aoshanwei, Jimo, Qingdao, China


3. Workshop Secretary

Qi Lin (Kylin), QNLM, qlin@qnlm.ac

Please contact Qi Lin for title of presentation, invitation letter, visa, tickets, accommodation, taxi from airport to hotel, and confirm your attendance before 5 October 2017. No registration fee is charged for this workshop.

4. Accommodation

Expert apartment (Hotel) of QNLM will welcome all the participants of this workshop.