“Author Training in Scientific Writing 2021” Successfully Held
    00:00:00 11/10/2021

Nov. 1-4 witnessed the successful organization of the online “Author Training in Scientific Writing 2021”, jointly launched by QNLM and Springer Nature. Nearly 300 early-career researchers and graduate students from QNLM research units attended the cloud training class. Prof. PAN Kehou, Secretary-General of QNLM Academic Committee addressed the opening session, and Ms. WANG Ning, Head of Department of International Affairs presided over the training.

Dr. Jeffrey Robens, Editorial Development Manager of Nature Research Academies, has been invited as the trainer to elaborate on critical appraisal and reading skills, publication ethics, academic English and effective writing, logic structure composing, publication skills and paper submission, paper modification and peer review process, academic presentation etc. Nature Academics Certificates were awarded to the attendees after the training course completed.

Young researchers and graduate students have shown their strong interest in this event, highlighting the popular demand and great significance of the training to research capacity building. In this regard, QNLM has deepened collaboration with Springer Nature to get access to the lecture series on Nature Masterclass Online, so that all the personnel could register, log in and study the courses for free. After finishing the courses, participants would receive the certificates issued by Magdalena Skipper, editor-in-chief of Nature.

QNLM has joined hands with Springer Nature to hold training classes on scientific writing and publishing for 5 years since 2016, including Nature Masterclass for scientists, Author Training for early-career researchers, and science journal editing for one-to-one instruction etc., which has provided professional and systematic training opportunities on scientific paper writing and publishing, improved the writing abilities of early-career researchers and enhanced the international influence of QNLM achievements in scientific research.

On 21 September, 2018, QNLM signed MOU with Springer Nature to collaborate in such important areas as scientific writing training class, talented recruitment, international academic meetings etc. Besides, QNLM is further enhancing international cooperation and seeking more advantageous international resources to enhance knowledge sharing and visibility of its academic achievement.

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