QNLM Proposed Protocols for Gravel Pack in NGH Production Well
Src:QNLM     16:24:52 01/04/2021

Marine natural gas hydrate (NGH) is believed to be a promising alternative fossil energy. Effectively producing natural gas from marine NGH-bearing strata has attracted worldwide attentions. Solving potential geo-technical problems is the key to ensuring safe and efficient NGH exploitation, among which sand production has been proved to be one of the main obstacles.
Exploiting NGH with a horizontal well could promote gas productivity, whereas a robust sand control completion is essential to avoid uncontrollable sand production. Researchers from QNLM recently published an academic paper in the journal of Energy (IF=6.082), in which the main technical challenges of sand control with gravel packing for NGH production horizontal wells were concisely summarized. A new protocol for packing parameters optimization is proposed by QNLM Functional Lab for Marine Mineral Resources, and the influencing factors for packing efficiency were analyzed.
“An extremely narrow operational window, high fluid loss ratio, and the metastable characteristics of NGH significantly increase the difficulties of packing a long-reached horizontal well in NGH-bearing strata, compared with that located in a consolidated conventional reservoir”, says Dr. LI Yanlong, the first author of the publication. A rigorous schedule and a software package were established, aiming at tackling the aforementioned challenges. The results indicate that a combination of lightweight gravel, low-concentration slurry, and viscosity reducer is the key to safely packing the NGH production horizontal wells.
This research work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Number: 41976074, 42076217), and the Taishan Scholar Special Experts Project of Shandong Province (Grant Number: ts201712079).
Cite: Li, Y., Wu, N., Gao, D., Chen, Q., Liu, C., Yang, D., Jin, Y., Ning, F., Tan, M. & Hu, G. (2021). Optimization and Analysis of Gravel Packing Parameters in Horizontal Wells for Natural Gas Hydrate Production. Energy, 119585.