QNLM 2020 Annual Academic Conference Grandly Held
    15:35:05 12/30/2020

Recently, QNLM 2020 academic annual conference was held in Qingdao. More than 800 outstanding marine scientific and technological talents gathered on the shore of Aoshan Bay, showcasing the extraordinary achievements of QNLM since the pilot operation, and demonstrating its commitment!

Guided by major strategic tasks, QNLM organizes coordinated research on such tasks as "Transparent Ocean", "Ocean Floor Discovery", "Blue Life", "Healthy Ocean", and "Advanced Marine Instruments", in terms of basic theoretical research and key technology R&D, which made tremendous progress. This academic annual conference has 5 special report venues, a total of 99 special reports and 20 young scholars'' reports, showing the achievements of scientific research in the fifth anniversary of the operation.

Over the past five years, more than 90 high-level academic papers have been published in Nature, Science and their sub-journals, and PNAS. Compared with 9 papers published in 2015, it has achieved a dramatic increase while maintaining a 30% growth rate annually. It has made a historic progress from a magnitude gap to a par with the top international marine research institutions.

QNLM gathers innovative elements globally, overcomes global challenges and difficulties as the way of breakthrough, builds a global collaborative innovation network, and contributes strength and efforts to the construction of a shared marine community.

Since its establishment five years ago, it has successively established the Centre for Southern Hemisphere Oceans Research and the International Laboratory for High-resolution Earth System Prediction jointly with counterparts in Australia and the US respectively, signed a contract with P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences to build China-Russia Arctic Research Center, and cooperated with well-known universities in Hong Kong and Macao to build the Hong Kong-Macao Marine Research Center.

QNLM is trying to build a global ocean platform to discuss the sustainable development strategy of the ocean. QNLM has organized a series of conferences such as "Global Ocean Summit", "Strengthening Marine S&T Collaborative Innovation for the Community of a Shared Future for Mankind", "Building an International Transparent Ocean Community" and other series of conferences; strived to initiate a triple-pole international scientific program on environment and climate change. QNLM acquired the right to host the "4th (2029) World Ocean Observation Conference" which is hosted every ten years. Furthermore, Academician WU Lixin ,the president of QNLM, became the first in Asia to win the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Ambassador Award, and at the same time became the first AGU fellow in China''s marine community. 

Overall, the global influence of QNLM has dramatically increased. In the future, it will move forward toward a world''s first-class marine research institution and contribute to the global ocean S&T development in many areas.