CAI Wenju Elected as Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science
    10:36:29 08/05/2020
CAI Wenju, director of the Centre for Southern Hemisphere Oceans Research (CSHOR), a collaborative research partnership between QNLM and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), was inducted as Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science (AAS) on 25th May 2020.
Founded in 1954, AAS is a not-for-profit organisation of individuals elected for their outstanding contributions to science and research, which provides independent, authoritative and influential scientific advice, promotes international scientific engagement, builds public awareness and understanding of science, and champions, celebrates and supports excellence in Australian science. AAS Fellows are among the Australian most distinguished scientists, elected by their peers for ground-breaking research and contributions that have had a clear impact. From 1954 to 2019, there have been 824 Fellows elected to the Academy. To date, there are four AAS Fellows working in CSHOR.
Dr. CAI Wenju specializes in research into global climate variability and change and his research has been published in authoritative journals such as Science, Nature and Nature Climate Change, etc. He has been actively involved in the development of a portfolio of world-class research that significantly advances the science. Dr. CAI also holds a number of other prominent titles, like Co-Chair of the CLIVAR (Climate and Ocean: Variability, Predictability and Change) Scientific Steering Group, one of the four core projects of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). Dr. CAI said it was an honour to be recognised for his contribution to science, which looks at modes of climate variability (such as El Niño and the Indian Ocean Dipole) and their response to greenhouse warming. He looks forward to using his Fellowship to raise awareness of the science excellence in prominent international activities that lead to important research outcomes and synergetic international research collaborations significantly contributing to scientific capability and excellence in international arena.