“Author Training in Scientific Writing and Publishing 2018” held
Src:QNLMCHINA     11:03:49 11/13/2018

Recently, “Author Training in Scientific Writing and Publishing 2018” was successfully held collaborated by QNLM and Science/AAAS. Dr. Valda Vinson, the deputy editor of Science, was invited to give the training in QNLM. More than 70 researchers and graduate students from QNLM innovation units attended the training class. The training class included two parts of group session and one-to-one session. Dr. Valda Vinson gave an excellent lecture on journal choice and requirements, paper writing and effective publishing, editor and review experience, and the requirement and review process and experts of Science, et al. in the group session, and then guided 4 trainees on how to write the scientific paper for Science family journals one by one. 


Group session of the training

On September 1, 2017, QNLM and Science/AAAS signed the Memorandum of Understanding to promote and deepen the comprehensive cooperation between two parts. The training class is the first cooperation for QNLM and Science/AAAS to hold for author training in scientific writing and publishing. In future, QNLM will further seek and utilize excellent international resources actively to extend the sharing and international influence of QNLM academic achievement. 


One-to-one session of the training