Academic Frontier Lecture launched in QNLM by Dr. Bronwyn Wake - Chief Editor of Nature Climate Change
Src:Department of International Affairs, Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (QNLM)     14:21:22 08/02/2017

Dr. Bronwyn Wake, the chief editor of Nature Climate Change, was invited to give an academic frontier lecture entitled “Oceans under Change” in Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (hereinafter as QNLM) on July 14, 2017, for further understanding of the frontier trends of marine science and technology. More than 120 staff members, researchers, engineers, and graduate students attended the lecture, from the administrative departments, functional laboratories, joint laboratories, and facilities and infrastructures centers. Professor Kehou Pan, Secretary-General of QNLM Academic Committee addressed the opening session.

Dr. Bronwyn Wake introduced the scope, impact, editorial input of, and access to the journal papers of Nature and its series, with emphasis on Nature Climate Change, and mainly elaborated on the latest research on global mean sea-level rise, global warming, north pacific marine heatwave, marine ecosystem, marine methane paradox, marine virus and microbial cell abundances, global Argo observation, ENSO, etc. This lecture received positive   feedback. All the participants are actively involved in academic discussions and exchanges.

The cooperation between QNLM and Springer Nature is expanding and deepening. Holding academic frontier lecture is the part of the bilateral comprehensive strategic cooperation. In future, QNLM will invite the editors of Nature and its series to give lectures in QNLM for promoting academic exchanges and further understanding of the cutting-edge of ocean research to facilitate the realization of first-class oceanographic institute.


Session of the Academic Frontier Lecture


Professor Gongke Tan presented a memento to Dr. Bronwyn Wake