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JCOMM OCG-8 Held in Qingdao
Src:QNLMCHINA    14:32:13 06/12/2017

On May 22-25, the 8th meeting for theObservations Coordination Group (OCG - 8) of the Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) under the umbrella of World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) held in Qingdao. The meeting was co-organized by the First Institute of Oceanography of State Oceanic Administration (SOA) and Functional Lab for Regional Oceanography and Numerical Modeling of QNLM, Deputy Director Chen Zhi of Department of Forecasting and Disaster Mitigation of SOA, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


Group photo

During the meeting, participants have reviewed the progress on global marine observation for the past year in organizations such as IOC, WMO, and discussed about issues of standards and regulation of observation technology, and observation requirements, etc.

The meeting will help marine scientists to fully understand the status quo and development trend of the global ocean observation system, and provide in-depth analysis of achievements and challenges in the construction and development of the global ocean observation system, which highlights the Chinese characteristics, and also shows China’s contribution in the international cooperation. In addition, the meeting will actively promote Chinese scientists to be involved in the affairs of the global ocean observation system for them to get a better idea of the global ocean observation system, in order to enhance China's influence in the global maritime affairs. This not only promotes the understanding of world's top scientists to China's contribution to the global ocean observation, but also helps Chinese marine scientists to better participate in major international cooperation plans.

The penal session for the Joint Technical Commission for Global Ocean Observation, China, was also held to introduce China’s representative achievements in global ocean observation, and to discuss about cooperation with the Joint Technical Committee. JCOMM is a main technical organization under the umbrella of the IOC and WMO to promote the development of global ocean observation system, and it has played an important role in leading and coordinating ocean observation, service and forecast system and data management. Observation is the most important domain for JCOMM, which is mainly implemented by OCG, so OCG promotes the development of the global ocean observation system.